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Mei 30, 2009, 3:45 am
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geebrane was taking Off-Road

geebrane was taking Off-Road

With off-road (bike trail) is very impressive …. should be given priority in its as closely as possible (test courage in terms of field) so that people do not, and can reach the destination beaten. we have to prepare some of the stamina of which must be strong and not weak because of the road that are not very feasible to be steered vehicle with a normal (common). therefore we have to prepare more mature in terms of mentality again / soul or spiritual strength.

to be sure that the vehicle remains stable at up to try not to trouble at the time of pro-offroad. To avoid the trouble that his vehicle may be the case, then offroader or stock must have its own capability of handling the damage even though it is temporary.

Have you try it?

For that there are several ways of handling problems in the case of damage to the trouble his motorcycle:

When the engine then repair the damage can not be delayed much longer with more in other words must be quickly corrected. But keep in mind, if you do not have enough expertise do occasionally dare to dismantle and fix it alone. Because in addition to waste time and energy then the damage can occur damaged / worse.

In general, any damage will there signs first except in case of things such as a sheer accident. then see if there are symptoms that usually does not / does not normally on your motorcycle. Attitude will help and so easier for you to detect damage earlier.

peace……all of you..!


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